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Jeannie Shen MD, FACS A diagnosis of breast cancer is one of the most difficult experiences you can face. In addition to coping with a potentially life-threatening illness, you must make complex decisions about treatment. Dr. Jeannie Shen is a board-certified, fellowship-trained breast surgeon who devotes her practice to helping women understand their diagnosis and treatment options.

Born and raised in Monterey Park, California, Dr. Shen is a second generation Chinese American who is the eldest of three daughters. At home, she learned to speak Mandarin Chinese fluently with her parents and grandparents. Inspired to a profession helping others at a young age, she attended UCLA as an undergraduate where she majored in Biology. During this time, she volunteered in free clinics and assisted in an immunology research laboratory. She graduated with departmental honors and a summa cum laude. From there, she moved to San Diego, where she completed both medical school and her general surgery residency at UC San Diego.

"During my residency, I often had a chance to witness the interaction between my attending surgeons and their breast cancer patients. I learned the importance of patience and compassion on a patient’s well-being. I believe that all women deserve to have a physician who truly cares about them and is willing to spend the time to explain things. Also, breast cancer research is ongoing around the world, and new discoveries are made every day. Only as a specialist, would I be able to offer my patients the benefit of continuing newfound knowledge."

Following residency, Dr. Shen moved to Houston, Texas, where she completed a one-year breast surgical oncology fellowship at the University of Texas, M. D. Anderson Cancer Center. During this time, she acquired training in not only the surgical treatment of breast cancer, but also in its other complementary disciplines, including breast imaging, breast medical oncology, radiation oncology, plastic reconstructive surgery, genetic counseling, and the management of high risk conditions.

After her fellowship, Dr. Shen returned home to southern California, eager to apply her knowledge and expertise to helping patients. She joined the faculty of City of Hope National Medical Center where she served as the only specialty-trained breast surgeon with 100% of her practice devoted to taking care of breast cancer patients. During this time, she become chairman of the Breast Multidisciplinary Tumor Board and also was the lead principal investigator for their breast cancer tumor bank.

After three years at the City of Hope, Dr. Shen decided to move her practice closer to home in the Pasadena community where she now serves as both the surgical director of the UCLA Pasadena Oncology program as well as the director of Breast Surgery at Huntington Hospital. Here, she continues to dedicate her practice to the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer and breast diseases. She offers the latest advances in breast surgical treatments, including oncoplastic breast conserving surgery and accelerated partial breast radiation techniques.  She also offers breast cancer risk assessment, and counseling, as well as genetic testing to women concerned about their breast cancer risk. 

In addition to continuing to expand her expertise in the field of breast cancer treatment, Dr. Shen has also explored other areas related to helping women diagnosed with breast cancer.  She completed a clinical program accredited through UCLA and Stanford University in Medical Acupuncture for Physicians.  Armed with this new skill, her practice includes not only treating women for their breast cancer, but also helping alleviate the symptoms associated with their breast cancer treatment, such as chemotherapy-induced nausea, post-operative pain, and vasomotor symptoms. 
Being fluent in Mandarin Chinese, she also hopes to be able to bring her expertise to the neighboring Chinese communities, so that all women will be able to receive high quality breast cancer treatment with the compassion and empathy they deserve.

To view Dr. Shen's complete Curriculum Vitae, click HERE

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